Wedding Flower Guide For Your Rescue

Wedding flowers are a great way to create a unique statement on your wedding day. Did you realize that flowers have their language? This custom began during the Victorian era when flowers were picked to represent secret messages. Each flower has its meaning, and it is thought that the bridal bouquet conveys such messages to your sweetheart. Wedding flowers may be used to represent a variety of emotions, and we believe that including a specific bloom for its message makes for a lovely story.  


This lovely plant is well-known for its stunning and one-of-a-kind blossoms. Camellia is a member of the Theaceae family. The Camellia is a love symbol. It also symbolizes other excellent qualities such as desire and perfection. The hue of a camellia flower influences its meaning. Pink, white, and red are the primary hues. Each of these hues means something different, but they are all related to love. Hence, send and do flower delivery in Delhi to someone you love.

The red Camellia expresses to your spouse that she is a flame in your heart. The white one thinks she’s cute. If she is both, combine the two. Pink camellias represent a longing for someone and are presented to those who are missed. White camellias can signify a variety of things. When used in funeral flowers, they can represent purity, mother-child love, or grief. A white camellia is supposed to bring good luck when given to a man. The Camellia is a lovely blossom with symmetrical correctness and an almost surreal appearance.


Ranunculus blooms are petite, cup-shaped flowers that resemble peonies and camellias in feel and appearance. These flowers are made up of numerous layers of tissue-like petals. Atop delicate, fern-like leaves, each stem holds numerous blooms. Ranunculuses can be solitary or double flowering. Across cultures and eras, the ranunculus flower appears to symbolize charm and loveliness. The ranunculus flower conveys to the lady that you find her fascinating and attractive in the Victorian language of flowers.

The flower is still quite prevalent today, and a dozen stems are sure to put a grin on someone’s face. The ranunculus gift is the ideal approach to expressing your interest in someone and wanting to learn more about them. This flower is an ideal gift for your mother, a friend, or your lover. You will undoubtedly make them happy. Ranunculus are recognized for their delicate and velvety petals. They are also long-lasting, which means they will look fantastic from beginning to end on your wedding day.


If you have a friend who sports, a bouquet of hyacinths is the perfect flower to offer her in addition to a peony bouquet.  The name of this flower originated from Hyakinthos, a Greek man who enjoys the favour of the Gods. Hyacinth was named after the flower that grew from his blood after he was slain. The name of this flower is derived from Hyakinthos, a Greek man who enjoys the favour of the Gods. The flower that emerged from his blood after he was killed was named hyacinth. The many star-shaped flowers appear in a variety of colours. However, the stem is not very long. Red hyacinths signify recreation or playtime. Perfect for bringing as a small surprise to an athlete competing in a major athletic event. White hyacinths symbolize overall beauty or prayers for a loved one.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are one of the best cutting plants, providing appealing hues and aromas for spring and early summer bouquets. The delicate flowers come in a variety of rich colours and flavour the air with a grapelike perfume. Sweet peas are well-known for their lovely ruffled blossoms in pastels, blues, and bi-colours.

Sweet peas, the official birth flower of April, are a sign of pleasant delight due to their brilliant colours. Many people believe that these blooms leave a great experience and a considerate method to say thank you in the language of flowers since they further symbolize thankfulness. Choose online flower delivery in Delhi to convey your thankfulness and love. 


These lovely flowers resemble wild roses or giant buttercups. They are frost-resistant, evergreen plants with cup-shaped flowers ranging in colour from pale green to deep maroon-black. Many of their blooms are variegated, with distinctive speckles or veining. They are also available with single or double flowers. These distinct colour and textural characteristics enhance both classic and natural bouquets and flower arrangements. Hellebores are in season from late winter to early spring, making them an excellent choice for adding colour to your wedding flowers.

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossom’s symbolism is as diverse as its spectrum of pinks. The cherry blossom itself often blooms in a range of pinks, with some practically entirely white with the faintest pink flush on the petals. Brown from the branches and green from the leaves are complementary colours.

Try a pink and white colour scheme or a pink, white, and green palette if you don’t like brown. Blossom is associated with spring, a new beginning, and expansion. In Japan, cherry blossoms have a special meaning. This flower kind, sakura, signifies life and the fact that we have no control over it. The weather determines the length of the bloom, physically with flowers and metaphorically with a person’s life.

Phew!! You made it through the list; we hope you find the perfect flowers to give at a wedding or for the decoration.