Replay messages on Instagram Direct in several ways


Are you one of those business pages that receive a lot of questions and messages on your Instagram account? Definitely great! But responding to these directives can be very time-consuming.


To solve this problem, you can use the quick answer feature on Instagram Direct, which is a way to easily answer frequently asked questions.


Video tutorial of message replay steps on Instagram Direct

In the video above, you can see the steps of replaying the message directly on Instagram. Prompt response improves customer service. And it helps businesses to manage time and make the best use of it.


If you have not used it before, you should start as soon as possible, because it can make a huge difference.


This can help you build relationships with your audience, connect with influencers, and improve your customer experience.


So it’s time to learn how you can save time and respond quickly to your Instagram direct followers.


In the following, we will explain the reasons for using this feature. And we will provide a video tutorial on how to provide a quick replay directly.


Replay on Instagram

Instagram has introduced a feature of direct replay on Instagram for commercial accounts.


Quick Answers lets you format the different answers you can add to your direct messages so you don’t have to type repetitive answers to the same questions over and over again.


They are answers (or, in other words, drafts of text) that you save to your Instagram account, and when someone asks you that question again, you can copy them directly.


It is very likely that many accounts, especially personal accounts, do not need to use this feature. Because they do not receive any direct messages that always ask the same question.


But I assure you that quick answers are very important for business accounts that have tens or hundreds of direct links daily.


Automating various processes saves you both time and improves users’ knowledge of your brand by increasing responsiveness.


Quick answers can also help you increase profits. A Twitter poll showed that people are willing to spend more money if they receive good customer service on social media.


Of course, whenever you want to respond quickly to a message, you still have to do it yourself and, depending on the type of direct, send the appropriate response from among the replies you have already saved. Here’s how to do it step by step.


Why are quick responses to Instagram Direct useful?

Whether you are looking to simplify your Instagram operations, or you want to improve your communication on Instagram Direct, replaying a message on Instagram Direct can save you a lot of time. There are other important reasons that indicate the usefulness of a quick response:


1. Creates a coherent message

Managing a direct response to Instagram by several team members can be difficult.


This way, team members can confidently send a quick reply and continue the conversation with their followers, instead of re-checking the reply with each other before replying to a direct message.


2. You use your group chats to communicate

Instead of typing the same messages over and over again, team members use quick replies to easily share the information that all team members need.

Even better, quick responses allow information to be shared with a large number of people instantly.


3. You get a lot of similar questions/phrases

Have you noticed that people often ask the same questions? Maybe about a specific product? Or do they want you to attend various events? A quick response can be a savior.


Make a list of your frequently asked questions to make sure you have the quick answers you need.


Quick reply to Instagram Direct for similar questions


4. Optimize your time.

Do you know how long it takes to respond to all private messages directly and with almost the same response?


You can save time by responding quickly to Instagram Direct.


5. If the management of the Instagram profile has been outsourced.

It is always a good idea to have answers to the topics or questions that are most common on Direct to make sure that the person or people who manage Direct can be more efficient without always being in touch with you.


Activate replay on Instagram

Activation of replay on Instagram will be done in three ways. You can use these three methods to replay the message directly.


Do not forget that replaying makes the other person fully understand what you mean and knows exactly what you are talking about.


1. Think about the most appropriate answers

For a quick reply to Instagram Direct, think about the most appropriate answers

Depending on the application intended for ready-made answers, there are several types of answers you need to prepare.


The first category is the most frequently asked question you receive. Check your directives and find some frequently asked questions and then choose the right answers.


You can copy your previous answers or create completely new ones. These questions will often be about prices, working hours, shipping methods, and the like.


Another condition in which a quick response may be helpful is advertising. Before launching a campaign, think about the most common questions you may get and find relevant answers.


The important thing here is to make sure that the answers are not general. The tone of your responses should reflect your brand.


This will make your brand look more humane, And human interaction is one of the growing trends in the customer experience.

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2. Create a message replay on Instagram Direct

Creating, changing, or deleting a quick response to Instagram Direct is easy.


There are three ways to create a ready-made answer that you can choose from and use in different situations. These ways include the following:


The first way to get a quick response to Instagram Direct:

1) Go to your Instagram profile.


2) Click on the menu icon at the top right (3 horizontal lines), then click on “Settings”.


3) Go to the “Business” section and then click on “Quick Replies”.


4) Then click on the icon (+) or “New Quick Reply” to create a ready answer.


Create a quick response to Instagram Direct through settings

5) Here you can write your quick answer and add a shortcut. Then click on the blue tick.


Text and shortcut Quick response to Instagram Direct via settings

The shortcut is like a name for a quick reply, so when you want to use one of your saved replies, just type Shortcut.


In this section, you can create all the quick answers you want. There is no limit to the number of ready-made answers. So be creative and start producing more!



The second way to create a ready-made replay to Instagram Direct:

Now follow the steps below to replay the message directly on Instagram.


1) Enter the chat of one of your users in Direct and click on the (+) icon and then on the Quick Replies icon. (As shown in the image.)


Quick response to Instagram Direct via contact chat

2) If you have not yet created a quick response, you will see the following page:


See the quick reply page to Instagram Direct via the contact chat

3) If you have already created a quick response, you will see it as follows.


See quick responses to Instagram Direct via contact chat

4) In both cases, to create your quick answers, you must click on the (+) symbol.


* Also, do not forget that Shortcuts can not be more than 15 characters and must be interconnected.

The third way to get a quick response directly:

Another easy way to replicate a message directly on Instagram is through a message you have already sent.


1) Open your direct chat with a user for whom you have already written a reply that you want to save as a ready reply.


2) Press your finger on the text you want to save and click “Save Quick Reply”.


Save quick replies to Instagram Direct via contact chat

3) The same Add Quick Reply page opens, you can edit it (if you wish) and add a shortcut.


Text and shortcut Quick response to Instagram Direct via settings

3. Using message replay on Instagram Direct

Now, you have created and saved your quick reply or replies. Now it’s time to use them to avoid rewriting the same message over and over again.


There are two ways to use Quick Response to Instagram Direct.


Method 1: When you are in direct chat, click on the Quick Replies icon (the second way mentioned above). And select the answer you prefer.


See quick responses to Instagram Direct via contact chat


If you want, you can edit the text after selecting the reply (you will see that it looks like you are writing a message).


(For example, add the name of the person you are talking to to the answer to personalize the answers as much as possible.)


The second method: The second method is to replay the message directly on Instagram. You can write a shortcut directly in the message section within Direct Chat.


When you do this, you will see a blue quick response icon appear. Then click on the button and the text associated with that shortcut will be inserted automatically.


As with the previous option, you can edit the message before sending it.


If you want to check your direct on the computer, refer to our article on the site.


Quick response to Instagram Direct via Shortcut 

How to edit or delete Quick Response on Instagram Direct?

To edit or delete a quick reply, you need to open the replies you have already saved in your profile settings (the same steps we did to create a reply ready) and click on the message you want to change.


Delete or edit quick reply to Instagram Direct

Now that you are interested in replaying messages on Instagram Direct, you will probably also be interested in the ability to Co-Watch and send disappearing messages to Instagram Direct.


Ability to  replay messages on Instagram Direct

Now we want to see why we must use the message replay feature in Instagram Direct?


As we discussed in this article, this feature is useful. Now we want to tell you why the use of this feature is useful? Why should big businesses use it?


You may say to yourself that using any feature can have benefits. This is no exception. But it is not. You should know that using some features in some situations is mandatory for you.


If you have a business and internet account, you will find out. Answering all messages directly during the day is not easy.


Suppose you receive 100 messages a day. If you do not have two days to answer them. It will be very difficult for you to do this on the third day.


Needless to say, sometimes by discouraging your audience, you sometimes discourage them. So answering direct can be one of the most important marketing issues for you.


If you have noticed, most of the questions are shared by users. So it can be an advantage for you. Because you have responded to them by using ready-made messages in the shortest possible time.

Concluding remarks

The message replay article ended directly on Instagram. The bottom line is that integrating Instagram Direct with Replay is the best way to take advantage of Direct and if you increase your Instagram followers then visit Folwos.


A study by Microsoft found that customer service has a significant impact on brand loyalty in 95% of consumers. This means that you need to show your customers that you care about them.


Instagram is great for this, and adding quick responses to your direct mail can ensure that your audience gets all the information they need in no time.


Like many people, do not make a big mistake by ignoring this feature. Adjust it as soon as possible and take it one step closer to being more responsive. Read more about Moto GP 2 for PC


At the same time, you will be building positive brand awareness and building trust among your customers.


While sending a quick reply to most of the messages you receive is tempting, don’t forget the importance of personal calling. Even a simple emoji, especially an emoji that you use frequently when branding, can make the message more personal. So for more communication with your audience, do not forget to reply to the message directly on Instagram.