Live Video Shopping – A new way to Boost Sales

Ecommerce evolves by leaps and bounds in a very short span of time. As more and more customers are switching online to buy products, brands need to have a strong online presence in order not to be left behind.

Live Shopping or Live Video Shopping, a popular trend, is the reason behind the current boom in online shopping. Let us first understand what Live Streaming Shopping is?. Combining the best of ecommerce, video streaming, and live selling, live commerce lets buyers shop anytime and from anywhere, encourages real-time communication, and sparks interactivity.

Hosting a livestream shopping show gives you the opportunity to learn more about your audience through analytics. Through analytics you can gather important information about who your audience is and what they like (or dislike) about your livestream shopping show. When you are running a livestream shopping on your website you can have access to data on who is engaging with your content. This information can help you make improvements on your live shopping show next time around.

Live video shopping gives your online audience a platform to interact with you while you are selling and marketing your products. Live video shopping can help build exposure for your brand. Your livestream shopping show can reach a larger audience if promoted well. The reason behind this is that Live videos tend to attract more engagement compared with other types of content. 

Livestream e-commerce is already a thriving industry in China, it’s starting to catch on in Western markets. Live Commerce in the USA is especially gaining popularity.

Livestream e-commerce allows shoppers to discover latest products from their favorite brands and ask questions about size, fit and tips and much more all in real time. And for brands, Live Video Shopping offers an opportunity to build relationships with buyers, offer entertaining and engaging content, answer questions and clear their queries all in real-time.

How did Live Video Shopping emerge?


The concept of live commerce can be traced back to traditional teleshopping on TV where hosts would demonstrate products and talk about them in detail to excite the shoppers watching from their TV screens. When we talk about livestream shopping the main difference of this kind of virtual teleshopping is that shoppers can interact with influencers or hosts in real-time and ask for details and features. Since everything happens in a live environment people are more attracted towards this trend of live commerce.

Because of this, brands are collaborating with numerous influencers and industry experts to host their live shopping shows leading to a real revolution. This trend is gradually conquering other markets such as the US, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia. Live shopping in the USA is especially on peak.

According to experts, the live streaming shopping trend started with a group of influencers in Los Angeles and New York when they recorded their boutique visits to show fashion items and collections. The main difference from those times is that nowadays, live shopping allows a greater degree of interaction with potential sellers and it has become so convenient for shoppers to attend live shopping shows and shop in real-time from the comfort of their homes. Now shoppers can place an order directly within the app.

Live Video Shopping as a Sales Strategy

Consumer shopping habits and behaviours are altering with time, especially due to the pandemic there has been a lot of change. Since we cannot access physical shops as before, online shopping is stronger than ever.

By opting for Live Shopping Platform, brands can enhance their brand image through livestream shopping shows in which brands can show and demonstrate products. This will give shoppers more confidence and even more, if brands invite industry experts, celebrities, influencers or popular streamers, who have an incredible niche audience.

Livestream e-commerce is gaining momentum in online sales. The idea is to make live shopping shows to get closer to your customers and urge them to purchase your products.

Given its great results, livestream e-commerce is here to stay and with livestream shopping platform you can boost customer loyalty and increase your community of followers to drive up your sales. Hence our live streaming commerce platform can be an impactful sales tool for you.

It’s really simple. With live stream shopping and entertaining content, brands can showcase your products, while answering doubts and questions raised by potential customers. Consequently, the interaction between buyers and retailers or brands is more effective and direct leading to product sales.

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