How much does a first edition Kuriboh cost?

How much does a first edition Kuriboh cost?


Grade Most Recent Price Population
GEM – MT 10 $693.00 69
MINT 9 $405.00 27
NM – MT 8 $35.00 18
NM 7 $45.00 10

Are Yugioh first editions worth anything?

The card was part of the very first official set of Yu-Gi-Oh cards released in Japan in 1999 and has continued to capture players and collectors since then. There are a few different versions of Blue Eyes White Dragon, but first editions in mint condition are the most valuable and are worth thousands of dollars.

What are the most expensive 1st Edition Yugioh cards?

The 10 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

  • First Edition Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Estimated Value: $5,600.
  • Skuna, The Leonine Rakan. Estimated Value: $6,000.
  • Special Edition Cyber Stein.
  • Armament of the Lethal Lords.
  • Iron Knight of Revolution.
  • Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks.
  • Dark Magician Girl.
  • Tyler The Great Warrior.

    How much is a Yu Gi Oh card worth?

    Like any trading card series, Yu-Gi-Oh has a few rare cards, worth thousands of dollars a piece. In general, the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh cards were special tournament prizes with very few ever released.

    Why are 1st edition holographic Pokemon cards worth so much?

    We’ve explored some of the rarest and most valuable Pokémon cards out there, now we turn to the rarest cards from the release that started the Pokémon craze; I’m talking about 1 st Edition Pokémon holographic cards. Why are they so coveted? Of the 102 cards from the original release, just 16 cards were of the shiny, holographic sort.

    Which is the lowest value 1st edition Holos?

    As such, Machamp sees the lowest values for 1st Edition holos. With 4,393 submissions and counting, Machamp has the highest population numbers of 1st Edition holos by far. In a classic “three is better than one” sort of way, the magnetizing triumvirate continues to draw collectors in and has yet to self-destruct in terms of value.

    Is there a 1st edition of Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

    1st Edition is an edition of cards in the TCG, Korean OCG, and Asian-English OCG that is marked by the text “1st Edition”. It is not used in the Japanese, Japanese-Asian, and Chinese OCG .