Where Does Online Poker Go in 2022

Over the past few years, we’ve all had more time to spend at home due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

It’s something that has directly affected the numbers of people going online, as it’s introduced an era of remote working which has become commonplace. But not only did it change our working habits, it changed our leisure as well. For instance, the closure of casinos and limiting social interaction meant we couldn’t head out to play poker. So, the World Wide Web presented a perfect place for people to enjoy playing, as proven by the numbers of poker players online increasing by 43%.

However, along with the rise in players comes more interest in introducing poker and online casino play right across the country. There are currently not very many US states that have legalized online poker; however, more of our lawmakers are looking to introduce it right across the country. Kentucky is one of the states looking to bring it to their residents, as Adam Koenig, a member of the House of Representatives in the Bluegrass State, has given his support for the backing of a bill to allow online casino play.

With this increased player pool and the push from legislators to make online poker play available to even more of the population, it’s also bringing on a change within the industry. Here are a handful of ways that online poker is evolving as we go deep into 2022.

Availability of poker on mobile

Figures in the government census released in April 2021 found that 84% of households across the US have access to a smartphone and mobile internet. So more companies are focusing on developing their mobile apps, allowing players to sit at the poker table no matter where they are. That means you could be on a bus, train, or just chilling in the park and play a hand or two. With 5G connection improving across the country, we’ve never been as connected to our online games, and online poker is sure to benefit.

Newer options

Along with more people having access to a phone is the development of the technology; the most modern smartphones have pin-sharp 4k displays and are able to handle the most advanced of titles, making them bona fide gaming devices. But not only that, the aforementioned superfast 5G connectivity has allowed casinos to introduce action streamed live from the dealers. The dealers interact by responding to players’ messages online, thus bringing a genuinely social and authentic experience from the physical casino building to the device in your pocket.

Friendliness of the sites

Sites now have more options than they have ever seen before. It’s not just about being able to play Texas Hold’em, as the best casinos recognize the variants of poker being played across the country. Limiting choice would mean limiting the number of players, so more people are being catered to. So now it’s not uncommon to be able to pick up a game of Omaha or five-card draw. Players don’t have to go searching around numerous sites and can concentrate on playing the games they love all in one place. It’s a perfect example of how the operators of modern online casinos want the visitors to have the same depth of choice online that they would expect to have in a traditional casino setting.

Rise of rewards

Cashback is something that many are familiar with when it comes to online purchases, but it’s also making its way into the online casino space. The casino organizers are looking to give back to the most loyal players, with some offering returns of up to 5% even if you lose depending on their terms. Another example of how the online platforms want to value their virtual customers is highlighted by how many now offer free play. Some sites offer free play to the value of $150 in some cases, how many land-based casinos have you seen propose that to someone walking into their establishment for the first time?


The future of poker online is bright, it’s an industry that welcomes new technology and embraces it, and it’s highlighted by the wealth of options now for players. So, there’s no need to look into where the safest places to travel are, as soon you’ll be able to pick up the game at home or on the go, no matter where you are.