What Makes Light Gun Games So Fun?

As a pastime, gaming has been around for a while. Right now, we can see a shift to an even higher gear as far as the gaming industry goes. Esports is a good example of how the popularity of video games turned into a massive thing.

Having said that, most gamers are not that keen to seek a competitive environment. If anything, they are looking for a casual experience that helps them relax after a long day.


Booting a computer or a console is a good way to blow off some steam. Both single-player and multiplayer games can provide entertainment, and a means to escape. Not to mention that we can use the internet to connect with other players and socialize.


At the same time, you might be feeling bored from playing the same games over and over, not to mention that the most recent releases are not that interesting either.


Some players might also be fed up with various issues that they experience on their computer or console. Finding a source of the issue is not always easy, and having an underperforming gaming platform can dampen your already low spirits even more.


If so, why not play light gun games? You might have seen them in old movies when characters visit an arcade center and play shooters? Or maybe you were too little to remember playing them yourself?


Regardless, introducing a little bit of variety into your gaming routine can make a positive impact, and light gun games could be the answer you were looking for all this time.


A Different Experience


First of all, switching from the usual gaming mouse and keyboard or a controller and grabbing a gun that you are going to blast into a screen feels different. The whole gaming experience is more interactive, and it becomes much easier to get into the whole thing and enjoy it.


At first, you might feel unusual and not be that good at the game. However, after a few attempts, most players get the hang of it and get better. Each little step toward improvement will further improve the enjoyment you get from light gun games.


An Opportunity to Co-Op


Co-op games, be it “couch games” or random games you play online with others, are a lot of fun, but they are still not the same as light gun games.


Shooters, sports games, and other light gun titles are a lot of fun to play when you have your partner or opponent standing next to you. Things can get a bit competitive at times because you can taunt another player standing next to you.


Of course, it is important to keep things to a friendly banter type of taunts. After all, everyone involved in the game wants to have fun, right? There is no need to sour other people’s experiences by taking things too far.


Socializing is another aspect that comes with light gun games if you are inviting or visiting a friend or going to a game center. Meeting like-minded people is one of those underappreciated things that you get to feel by being into light gun games.


Variety of Available Titles


Since the gaming industry is so large, one might think that there is an endless range of available titles for PCs and the most popular consoles (PlayStation and Xbox). New games get released all the time as well, but some players might still feel like developers are just reusing the same things. And we are not talking about remasters here.


No, after a while, you might start to notice that most games feel the same or that there are no distinguishable features that make a title stand out.


This is when you should get into light gun games. Because of their recent growth in popularity, you can return to some of the old titles like Battle Shark, Duck Hunt, or Chiller by using an optimized gaming machine.


If you do not want to check the retro games and would rather spend time on more recent releases, that is also an option.


Of course, a lot depends on what platform you use to play these games. Some have more options than others.


On the other hand, there are emulators that help players circumvent the obstacles and play games that are not readily available on their platforms, which opens even more available titles.


The bottom line is that light gun games offer a wide collection of titles you can try, and they should occupy your mind for a while thanks to the variety and a different experience that we talked about in a previous section.