What is the purpose of the second Ghost in A Christmas Carol?

What is the purpose of the second Ghost in A Christmas Carol?

In A Christmas Carol, the second ghost that visits Ebenezer Scrooge represents the present, and is known as the Ghost of Christmas Present. It is his job to show how others are celebrating Christmas that night.

What message does the Ghost of Christmas Past give Scrooge?

The lesson the Spirit of Christmas Past brings to Scrooge reminds him that there were once things in his life more important than money, but his choices have left him lonely and alone. The memories the spirit brings to Scrooge distress him to the point that he begs to be released from them.

Which Ghost affect Scrooge the most?

The ghost of christmas future had the greatest effect on Scrooge because the spirit showed Scrooge his own grave and frightened him into changing his ways.

Which Ghost helps Scrooge most?

The ghost of Christmas yet to come has the most impact on Scrooge because it makes him fear what has yet to come and makes him want to change in any way possible. This spirit also pushes him over the edge making him realise he has to change his ways to not end up like Marley; forgotten and alone in Purgatory.

How does the ghost of Christmas present change Scrooge?

According to Dickens’ novel, the Ghost of Christmas Present appears to Scrooge as “a jolly giant” with dark brown curls. The spirit transports Scrooge around the city, showing him scenes of festivity and also deprivation that are happening as they watch, sprinkling a little warmth from his torch as he travels.

Who are the two ghosts in A Christmas Carol?

His ghost appears to Scrooge on the night of Christmas Eve to tell him of three visitors he will soon encounter. The second ghost to appear is the Ghost of Christmas Past, who comes to remind Scrooge of his childhood. The Ghost of Christmas Present visits next to show him the holiday season in the homes of people with whom he is now associated.

Who is the second Spirit in the ghost of Christmas present?

The Ghost of Christmas Present The second spirit is the Ghost of Christmas Present who takes Scrooge to the Cratchit family where he sees the humility with which the family tolerates its poverty. The sight of Tiny Tim, who is sick and weak, saddens him.

Who is Marley and his message to Scrooge?

Marley and His Message to Scrooge. These two words are instantly associated with Charles Dickens’ immortal fictional anti-hero, Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge was the prototype of the Grinch who stole Christmas, the paradigm of all men cynical. We all recognize that Ebenezer Scrooge was a mean person – stingy, insensitive, selfish, and unkind.