What did Scrooge see on his door knocker?

What did Scrooge see on his door knocker?

What did Scrooge see on his door knocker? Scrooge Sees Marley’s Face in the Door Knocker. Arriving home, on Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge plans to spend the night like he spends most of his nights alone. Instead of the knocker on his door, Scrooge sees the face of his dead partner, Jacob Marley.

What does Scrooge do after the incident with the door knocker?

EXCERPT FROM ‘A CHRISTMAS CAROL’: MARLEY’S GHOST What does Scrooge do after the incident with the door knocker? c)He goes through each room in the house to make sure he is alone and then locks all the doors.

Who appears in Scrooge’s door knocker?

When Scrooge puts his key into the lock, the knocker on his front door eerily turns into the face of his old business partner Jacob Marley, who has been dead for several years.

What time does the ghost of Jacob Marley say the spirits will arrive?

Sadly, Marley never comes back to congratulate him on his positive transformation! Marley says the first spirit will arrive tomorrow at one, the second will arrive at the same hour the next night, and the third will arrive the third night when the last stroke of 12 midnight has ceased to vibrate.

Why does Scrooge see Marley’s face in the knocker?

Marley’s face unsettles Scrooge for a moment, but the knocker soon appears. Marley’s ghost tells Scrooge that he has come to give him a warning: Scrooge must change his life or his fate will be similar to Marley’s. Marley reveals that he has had no rest since his death seven years ago.

What does Scrooge do after the incident with door knocker?

What does Scrooge see in the door knocker?

IN Stave one he is in shock to see what he though was Marleys face appear on the brass door knocker. This was the starting point for what was to come. In the stave 5 Scrooge checks the knocker does not change meaning Marley was not coming back to haunt him On what did Marley’s face appear to Scrooge? On the door knocker on his front door.

What does the door knocker mean in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge falls headlong onto his own corpse, face to face with himself. His face is white and pasty, like Marley’s face in the door knocker. Scrooge decides this is not who he wants to become.

Why does Scrooge close the door in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge has forgotten the joy of friendship, the impact of a generous mentor, the love of a good woman, the connection to a sibling, and even the death of his partner Marley. He has closed the door to the good he experienced so he won’t remember the bad. You can walk through the doors of your present opportunities.

What did Scrooge look like in the yard?

“It was not in impenetrable shadow as the other objects in the yard were, but had a dismal light about it, like a bad lobster in a dark cellar. It was not angry or ferocious, but looked at Scrooge as Marley used to look: with ghostly spectacles turned up on its ghostly forehead. . .