Weather Proofing Your Outdoor Living Area

Spending the time to weatherproof your outdoor living area, while it may take time, can be very advantageous for your wallet and the life of your outdoor furniture. This can be as simple as installing blinds or covers to extend the quality of your furniture by years. Today we’ll be going over some easy and efficient ways that you can weatherproof your outdoor entertaining space, so you can use it to its full extent.

Waterproof Flooring 

Some flooring and decking options are more prone to deterioration and damage when exposed to the elements for an extended amount of time. So, before you start building make sure to have a look into the materials you’re using. If you choose to install wooden decking it’s important to make sure of your weather proofing and varnishing it all, to make sure it’s protected from spitting or water damage.

Another modern and waterproof option is to choose concrete flooring, this flooring option is great and has minimal maintenance needs. You should also be thinking about where these drains should be placed, either under the downpipes and gutters or in flat areas that are more prone to collecting water to make sure that no flooding can occur. This will ensure that your outdoor area will be protected even in severe weather conditions

Temperature Control Options 

Temperature control doesn’t just mean the heating and cooling needs of your space, but the air flow and ventilation in the specific area. If you have blinds that are kept down in winter to create an enclosed space you want to ensure there still is some ventilation, a fan can work effectively or just ensure that some warm air can filter through to bring some fresh air into your space. This can also work to ensure the heat from your outdoor heaters can efficiently work to warm up your outdoor space

Throughout the summer it’s important to make sure you have fans installed to cool your space and again create a breeze and keep the air moving in your space. If you have an enclosed outdoor space, you can also install an air conditioner

Durable Materials 

Making sure you’re using the right materials in your space is another great option to give your pillows and couch cushions the longest life possible. This isn’t a super important point in weatherproofing but to get the most out of your money. Making sure you furnish your outdoor area with furniture that is made specifically for outdoor use will ensure that they won’t be susceptible to any additional damage or deterioration and will stay in top quality for an extended amount of time.

Summer Shade 

When thinking of weatherproofing we usually think of working towards preventing damage from wet weather, but heat and warmer seasons should also be considered. If you have a space that is more susceptible to extended hours of sun you should consider installing a shade sail. It can save your skin from burning and developing serious health conditions as well as protect your outdoor furniture, especially your cushions and couches. There are many options you can use to create appropriate shading; umbrellas and shade sails are some low cost and non-permanent options to add to your backyard.

Furniture Covers 

Furniture covers are the last great tip we have. If you live in Vic or somewhere that experiences colder weather having furniture covers can be a great way to protect your furniture without having to pack or move everything away every night. These covers can work in protecting your outdoor setup from sun, wind, rain and all-weather settings. It’s also a perfect option if you aren’t planning on using the space for a while and want to ensure they don’t collect dust or drastically deteriorate while you’re away.

Hopefully this has helped give you some simple and foundational ideas to effectively weatherproof your outdoor setting to extend the life out of your furniture and create a space that can easily be used all year round. If you’re in need of some new weatherproof outdoor furniture visit our website to view the large range of styles available.