How to apply and wear perfumes like a pro

Historically, perfumes have been acquainted with sole purpose of enhancing one’s body fragrance. It instigates an aroma of freshness and keeps that musky taint at bay and clinches for you to maintain a good body odor throughout the day.

Wearing perfume is not a rocket science, a few spritz and you are done. However, wearing it the right way remains a query. Majority of people are oblivious of how to wear perfume like pro they keep on wearing it the same wrong way day after day. Consequently, the fragrance does not last longer and dwindles away in an hour or two. Not many people know that there are certain ways you have to follow in order to wear a perfume “Proficiently” for starters you have to understand that there are different perfumes and all of them are environment dependent. The fragrance will last as per the environment in which it is being worn. Plus, the outfit it is worn with. We all have that one perfume that goes perfectly with our style and its fragrance is impossible for us to ignore. Here are some tips on how to apply perfume like a pro and make its scent last longer.

Suitable Environment: 

When it comes to storing perfume even the best perfumes in Pakistan ought to be stored appropriately in a perfect environment that would not harm their composition. Consider them as a living organism that needs a specific temperature to survive. When exposed to temperature fluctuation the chemical composition of the perfume tend to react with the natural ingredients used in it. Hence, the life span of a perfume shortens. Oddly, the perfect place for a perfume to be stored is either at room temperature or the box in which it comes.

Use in Places Exposed to the Air:

A common practice majority of us use while applying a fragrance is to spray it all over our clothes, there is this misconception that it makes the scent last longer. However there are a few rules that make the scent last longer than usual even for the best perfumes in Pakistan and for that one thing should be kept in mind that the scents doesn’t linger longer if applied on dry skin. Rather in exceptionally hot climate it should be applied on the pulse points (the wrists, neck, insides of the elbow) and a slight mist on the scalp. The constant exposure to the air helps in the diffusion of the fragrance leaving a long lasting impression.

Small Packaging:

When purchasing a perfume keep one thing in mind that the smaller the bottle the longer it will last. As you put your perfume on your vanity it should be at least 2.2 to 1.5 milliliter in the bottle this allows the oxygen to disintegrate the molecules of the perfume hence not intervening with the chemical composition of the perfume. Best perfumes in Pakistan offer their products in small packaging. If you happen to but a perfume in large bottle and the bottle have a screw or a cap. It is highly recommended that to make it last longer you should descend half of the quantity of the perfume into a small vial or any other small bottle that could serve as a substitute for the bottle of perfume.

Just Spray:

An entirely unacceptable habit of most of the perfume users is that they tend to rub their writs variously together then bring to their neck to leave that lasting impact of the fragrance. Unfortunately, what it does is that it messes up with the enzymes of the perfume which ultimately changes the course of the scent due to the heat produced by the fiction. To uphold the condition and scent of your perfume the thing avoided should be rubbing of the writs of any other part where the perfume has been applied rather a few spritz serve a sufficiently good job and make the scent last longer. The best perfumes in Pakistan do not mandatorily need frequent application throughout the day rather gently applying them on your pulse points provide a lasting impression.

Don’t apply on dry skin:

Another pro tip to make the scent last longer is to moisturize your skin before applying it. Perfumes never sits longer on dry skins. So, get your hands on any moisturizer suitable for your skin and let it sit there for at least five minutes before you apply your scent what it does is that as it takes the dryness away it assists the fragrance to linger a while longer on your body. Perfumes are never cheap the prices of perfumes globally are very high oud perfume price in Pakistan are relatively higher so this tip is applicable for all kinds of perfumes.  Anyways, there are many people who love their scent way too much to have it intervened with another scent. In this case be sure no to use the scented moisturizer rather sue the non-scented one or a cream this or you can use a lotion with a good scent to get a perfect combination of two scents.