How long was the Nurse gone Speaking to Romeo?

How long was the Nurse gone Speaking to Romeo?

Expert Answers The time was not strictly spent on finding Romeo, arranging the marriage and going home. She carried out ther daily committments besides her meeting. Is three long hours, yet she’s not back.

How long has Juliet been waiting for the Nurse to see Romeo and find the wedding plan?

three hours
How long has Juliet been waiting for the Nurse to return with Romeo’s news? She has been waiting for three hours.

How long after meeting did Romeo and Juliet Get Married?

84-87). Therefore, Romeo and Juliet marry within twenty-four hours of knowing each other. How long did they know each other before they both died, however? Lord Capulet initially establishes that Juliet and Paris’s wedding will take place on Thursday.

How long did the Nurse know Juliet?

Expert Answers In Romeo and Juliet, the audience meets the Nurse in act 1, scene 3. It is discovered that the Nurse has known Juliet since infancy.

Why does the nurse finally think it is OK for Juliet to marry Romeo?

The nurse believes that, by marrying Paris, Juliet will ensure her survival in the deeply patriarchal society they live in. Juliet’s nurse agrees to help her secretly marry Romeo because she cares about Juliet and wants her to be happy, and she knows she loves Romeo.

How is Juliet going to sneak away to get married?

How will Juliet sneak away to Friar Lawrence’s cell? By pretending to go to confession. Why dies Juliet refuse to describe her love to Romeo right before the marriage? Her love is too great too describe.

How does the nurse feel in Act 2?

Summary: Act 2, scene 5 The Nurse claims to be too tired, sore, and out of breath to tell Juliet what has happened. Juliet grows frantic, and eventually, the Nurse gives in and tells her that Romeo is waiting at Friar Lawrence’s cell to marry her.

Why did Friar marry Romeo and Juliet?

When Romeo requests the Friar marry him to Juliet, he is shocked, because only days before, Romeo had been infatuated with Rosaline, a woman who did not return his love. Nevertheless, Friar Laurence decides to marry Romeo and Juliet in the attempt to stop the civil feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

How does Juliet want Romeo to prove his love for her?

Juliet then decides that Romeo can prove that his love is honorable by proposing to marry her. This would indeed be a permanent pledge, rather than a “rash” or “sudden” one. Romeo duly promises to call upon Juliet the next day, “at the hour of nine.”

Does the nurse want Juliet to marry Romeo?

The Nurse Advises Juliet to Marry Paris Instead Her reasoning is that Romeo is banished, and cannot come back to object. Since no one else knows of the marriage (except Friar Laurence), The Nurse suggests that Juliet should just proceed as though her marriage to Romeo never happened.