How College Students Can Cope with a Creative Writing Essay

Do you want to learn how to write a creative essay? Do you not understand what its features and rules of writing are? We are going to share tips that will help you get the highest grade for your essay.

Such a creative task as an essay helps the teachers understand how well the student knows the discipline, whether they are able to systematize and analyze sources, and whether they can write about it freely. If you have problems with all that, it is better to get help from a professional writer who will write an essay online for you. You can choose a person who is well versed in your subject so that the topic will be fully disclosed.

Topic selection

This is the first step you should do because the final result depends on the right choice. You may get an assignment for writing an essay based on the statement. It is a simple option for students. Reveal the essence of the quote through the author; write what you think on this issue. Another option is when you choose from the proposed topics, the closer and more understandable one for you and disclose it in detail.

Have you decided on the theme? Now detail it: determine the specifics, give a description, pick up the facts.

The role of facts

Be careful because a creative essay should not contain too many facts. The facts can be objective, fixed in time and space. Another type of fact is the opinions of scientists on a topic. When starting to select factual materials, try to choose the most important ones. They will help to better and faster characterize your topic.

Include arguments

An example of a correct essay is an essay with an objective and detailed assessment of the material. This means that you provide at least more than 2 points of view on the topic. Teachers give a good mark if they see that the question is revealed in-depth and the judgments are well reasoned. Dig into your memory and try to find material that supports your thoughts.

Stick to the structure

The structure contains all the basic elements: an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Many students rely on the introduction and use it to grab the reader’s attention. This is the correct solution since the introduction contains the formulation of the problem. A good introduction helps set the reader on the right emotion and approach the problem smoothly.

Main body

The main part is devoted to the presentation of different viewpoints on the problem. It consists of subparagraphs including three sections: thesis, justification, and subconclusion.

The reasoning is important here. With its help, the reader will be convinced that the presented viewpoint is correct. Your arguments can be stories from life, references to studies, the opinions of researchers, etc.


The final part includes conclusions on the above theses. Then repeat the problem and draw the final conclusion. The purpose of the last part is to create a coherent picture and make a reader think about the topic.

How to start writing an essay?

The hardest thing is getting started. Check out the most effective tips:

  • formulate the main idea, set a goal, choose sources which you will use;
  • do not think long about the introductory part: it can be written after the main one and conclusion. In this way, you will know how to present the topic correctly;
  • begin writing with a question that should be answered later in the essay;

How to make the perfect plan?

First of all, you should understand that you won’t be able to draw up a perfect plan for your essay the first time. It can be edited as you work. The definition of “ideal” does not work here since you don’t have to stick to rigid frameworks and restrictions.

You need the plan more in order to follow the presentation logic. Every point of the plan is a new thought. If you need to describe your essay in more detail, create subparagraphs. You need to review the completed plan and make sure that its points are each in their place.

What are the common mistakes?

The advantage of an essay as a form of testing a student’s knowledge is that you don’t have a time limit for writing. You need to carefully study the common mistakes we have gathered so that you can write a high-quality text and get a good grade.

The most common mistakes are:

  • spelling, stylistic, punctuation, and other errors.
  • extended introduction without details.
  • going away from the topic.
  • long sentences.
  • complex terms.

When checking, pay attention to the details, honesty, the data presented, the presence of an image of a real person.

Now you know how to cope with a creative essay. Stick to our guidelines, and you will get a good grade. Good luck!