Home Gym; A revolution in fitness goals

According to the Cardlytics ad platform that works with banks to track consumer spending, in the first month of the COVID19 lockdown alone, Americans’ online exercise spending increased by 125%. According to data from NPD Group, one of the largest market research companies in the world, the purchase of home gym equipment has increased by 130% over the previous year. 

It’s not just long-term exercisers who invest in home gym equipment; Many people participate in exercise for the first time because they are trying to exercise more and control their mental health despite their social isolation. 

After all, the ideal home gym is different for everyone. 

Here are six questions to help you create a home gym that works for you: 

  • What equipment will I use in the gym? 
  • What is my budget? 
  • Where will I put everything? 
  • How technical am I?

What equipment will I use in the gym?  

Sounds basic, but many people don’t take the time to ensure that the equipment they buy is truly consistent with their training goals and preferences. 

Then ask yourself, do you want to increase strength and muscle? Then looking for free weights, resistance bands, suspension systems like TRX, and even weightlifting stations or cable machines should be your first step. 

If you are training to run, enjoying aerobic exercise, or doing your best while watching TV or reading a book, then a treadmill, elliptical machine, or stationary bike may be your best choice. If you like full-body high-intensity interval training, rowing machines are worth considering. 

If you just want to feel healthier overall, of course, it depends on what you like to do.

Also, it’s worth considering if your home gym equipment is a temporary solution to help you train until you can return to a public gym, or you plan to exercise at home from now on. 

What is my budget? 

Once you have a general idea of the type of home gym equipment you want, it may be helpful to determine your budget before you start searching.

This way you can reduce the risk of finding inappropriate budget options that you might want but can’t have. This also makes you less likely to end up spending more money than is wise in your current financial situation. 

Consider your budget for the entire home gym and the budget you are willing to invest in any project. If you are interested in purchasing multiple pieces of equipment, deciding on all purchases before clicking the order button can help you keep your budget. 

Where would I put everything? 

When investing in home gym equipment, an urgent problem is space. The answer has a great impact on what and how much equipment it can hold. 

When considering the room, also consider the ceiling height-if you are interested in lifting loads, then a ceiling of at least 9.5 feet may be necessary. 

The floor is another factor that needs to be considered, explained Joey Thurman, the head coach and certified personal trainer of the online fitness platform kuudos. Most heavy equipment is safe even on the second floor, but if your house is older, check its specifications before loading heavy objects and counterweight plates on the second floor. 

No matter which room you are in, it is worth investing in a floor suitable for exercise. 

How is my technique? 

For many people, online exercises and courses are a big attraction, increasing the fun, interest, and motivation of training. If this is you, choosing a smart machine to be played in an expert on-demand course may be a good choice. 

No matter how powerful the machine is, please honestly state to yourself how many technical features you have to take advantage of. If you feel that you will not use all the bells and whistles, please look for a narrower option.

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