Did Gustav Holst have any siblings?

Did Gustav Holst have any siblings?

ნინა ჰოლსტ
ერნესტ კოსარტი
გუსტაფ ჰოლსტი/დედმამიშვილები

Was Holst married?

ემილი ისობელ ჰერისონ
გუსტაფ ჰოლსტი/მეუღლე

What illness did Gustav Holst have?

Holst died in London on 25 May 1934, at the age of 59, of heart failure following an operation on his ulcer. His ashes were interred at Chichester Cathedral in Sussex, close to the memorial to Thomas Weelkes, his favourite Tudor composer.

Is Imogen Holst related to Gustav Holst?

The only child of the composer Gustav Holst, she is particularly known for her educational work at Dartington Hall in the 1940s, and for her 20 years as joint artistic director of the Aldeburgh Festival.

When was Gustav Holst born and died?

September 21, 1874, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
გუსტაფ ჰოლსტი/დაბადებულია

What era is Gustav Holst?

Gustav Holst was a major influencer of 20th-century music, especially the rock genre. A post-romantic and modern composer, Holst was intensely passionate about English folk music and played an important role in the advent of English orchestral music beyond the United Kingdom.

How long did Gustav Holst live?

Gustav Holst (1874–1934) 1. The Early Years.

Who did Gustav Holst influence?

Holst is most famous for his orchestral suite The Planets. Having studied at the Royal College of Music in London, his early work was influenced by Ravel, Grieg, Richard Strauss, and Ralph Vaughan Williams, but most of his music is highly original, with influences from Hindu spiritualism and English folk tunes.

What era was Gustav Holst?

When did Gustav Holst die?

May 25, 1934
გუსტაფ ჰოლსტი/გარდაცვალების თარიღი
Gustav Holst, original name Gustavus Theodore Von Holst, also called Gustav Theodore Holst, (born September 21, 1874, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England—died May 25, 1934, London), English composer and music teacher noted for the excellence of his orchestration.

What other jobs did Gustav Holst have?

The two teaching posts for which Holst is probably best known were director of music at St Paul’s Girls’ School, Hammersmith – pictured – from 1905 until his death, and director of music at Morley College from 1907 to 1924.