Butter Chicken at Your Neighborhood Takeaway Restaurant

When it comes to food to relish, people might suggest you popular joints, well known names in food industry such as McDonalds or Pizza Hut that are international brands or stuff like Butter Chicken Near Me and non-vegetarian dishes to sooth your palate. However, you might easily forget your neighborhood eatery that may have little local popularity but at times you might discover the great gastronomical experience such eateries can offer you.

One such eatery that I did not exactly discover but had the chance of bumping into because I said I might try it as well because it is at a walking distance and I was not exactly in a mood to go very far. This one however turned out to be a unique experience. The nearest place for Mughlai food that I can go is Moti Mahal at a distance of five kilometers. This one is located just a stone throw away. The eatery is named Rasoi Se which translates to “From Your Kitchen”. It has bare minimum furniture to accommodate barely five to six people. It is also a clean place by your neighborhood standards.

If you happen to be the father of two cute little daughters like me who are hooked to Butter Chicken, you will be forced to order it almost every third day. The part of the reason is I like this dish too much to resist. Children love it because it has a sweet enticing taste to force you to wipe your plate clean and yet feel unsatiated.

Although, Rasoi Se has a more than two dozen items on their menu including Mughlai and Chinese, I have ended up ordering Butter Chicken nine times out of ten because on few occasions that I ordered Karahi Chicken or Afghani Chicken or mutton korma my kids said they want nothing but butter chicken next time. Nonetheless, I relish other dishes too.

At other places the price would be about fifty percent more. However, in my own experience only Best Biryani Near Me them marginally in quality but their price is roughly double. But they are far ahead in quality of their stuff compared to other similar neighborhood eateries.

He may be found ever active running and supervising his only passion post-retirement that you may hardly notice his age – early 70s. I wanted to extract his secret of making the dishes so tasty. He did not divulge the secret but said that he takes personal interest in every thing right from the purchase of raw material to the final preparation and serving their clients.