Are Swiftpaw and Brightpaw related?

Are Swiftpaw and Brightpaw related?

He was apprenticed as Swiftpaw to his half-brother, Longtail, and when Bluestar refused to give him, Thornpaw, and Brightpaw their warrior names out of paranoia, Swiftpaw formed a plan with the other apprentices to drive out the pack of dogs near Snakerocks.

What were Swiftpaw’s last words?

Swiftpaw’s final words were, “If I had to die as an apprentice, I’ll go down fighting, Like A Warrior!” At this point Brightpaw was already injured, and SwiftPaw was already nearing his death, and the words Brightpaw used to describe it, was, “I don’t know when the end came for SwiftPaw, but I remember him fighting …

Did Swiftpaw get a warrior name in Starclan?

Because once Cloudtail became a warrior, his heart wanted to go as fast as it could to being a warrior. It couldn’t happen quick enough. Even Fireheart was noticing how big and (kinda) mature they were getting. So, Swiftpaw, in the name of Starclan I give you your Warrior name.

How did Swiftpaw help Brightpaw fight the dog?

Swiftpaw recovered and helped Brightpaw fight the dog. He first slammed its paw into Brightpaw’s face, but it barely scratched it. Swiftpaw quickly leapt onto its head when he was watching Brightpaw. As Swiftpaw blinded it, Brightpaw tripped it. She then sratched its ears fiercely.

Why did Swiftpaw not turn when Brightpaw died?

He heard Brightpaw fall to the ground screeching, but didn’t turn if fear that the dogs would kill him right away. If I die, I’ll die fighting like Lionclan untill the very end.

What was the name of Swiftpaw’s black and white face?

Swiftpaw’s black and white face was above her. “Swift-” Brightpaw began, half shoked, half angry, and somehow excited at the same time. “Shhh,” he shushed her. “Remember? Our plan?” Brightpaw’s head went numb, then she suddenly remembered. Oh! Their plan! Brightpaw gulped and nodded as Swiftpaw’s bright golden eyes shone in her understanding.

Who are Swiftpaw and Thornpaw’s brothers?

Swiftpaw stood beside Thornpaw, who was Brightpaw’s brother, along with the already warriors, Cinderpelt and Brackenfur. His amber eyes were still hardened with grief, as if he thought Brightpaw should be here with them. If it makes him feel any better, I wish she was here receiving her name with us.