All you need to know about Guanciale

Italians love their food to the extent that they nourish their animals for an elevation in meat quality. Guanciale means cheek in Italian as it comes from the pig’s cheek or jowl. It is aged for approximately two months in which weight loss occurs. A whole fat piece of pork is sliced into thick pieces.

If it is sliced thinly, then it can be eaten raw. Otherwise, you can cut it into cubes and fry them in a frying pan since it is full of fat. The meat can be used as an alternative to oil. Spaghetti Carbonara is a famous American dish that has Guanciale. It is a hearty and pleasing meal. There is a lot more to Guanciale. Let us have a look at it.     

Origins of Guanciale

We live in an age where it is necessary to be aware of the background of your food. Jowl and leg piece is removed from the body of a pig. The skin is not cut, but bones are. It is in a triangle or square shape, which is rubbed with salt and left to cure. The curing process takes place in two stages.

The initial stage has the only salt. While the next stage has flavours such as thyme, rosemary and black pepper. Guanciale ages after sixty days. Longer aging results in a higher level of taste. Butchers recommend it as fat lessens and it is richer in flavour.     

Principles for Buying

It is convenient for Italians to buy Guanciale. For outsiders, it can be a challenge as most supermarkets don’t have it in stock. Farmers marketplace or shops owned by Italians in small towns will have it. If you live far away, then you can order it from Amazon or any online seller. Sogno Toscano is a well-reputed supermarket that has the most Italian products in stock.

Customer service is their topmost priority. They even offer discounts and who doesn’t want that? Lastly, they ensure fast delivery. What are you waiting for then? Pick your phone and stock your favourite Italian products.

Storage and Culinary Advice

Guanciale is a fatty product that increases the chance of it turning rotten. Refrigerate it in a vacumm sealed bag for peak shelf life. A piece of Guanciale can be stored for up to six months because of it. But it will turn stiff, which will make it hard to chew. Hence it is better to eat it within a month. Frozen Guanciale will last longer as the taste will deteriorate at a slower rate.

You can cook Guanciale in kinds of pasta mainly. Nevertheless, there is no limit to creativity in food. Use it in omelettes, paninies, pair thin pieces with cheese and wine. Explore your options. Happy cooking!