6 natural supplements that can help you fight against ED

When you are looking for naturalistic forms of ED cure there are varieties of means to do that. If you Are looking to get some knowledge on natural supplements that can help you with curing ED apart of using medicines like Cenforce 100, then you have come to the right place.


With the recent innovative techniques and combining them with advanced scientific methods, we have been able to figure out different ways to of natural and herbal cures for ED treatment.

In recent years the scientists have done enough research, experiments, and trials on these herbal supplements and find out how they can help you to fight against ED with significantly positive results.

Even when you are willing to go for a long-term cure of ED using herbal substances over allopathic medicines like Fildena, you need to take a prior consultation and views from the doctor.

Sometimes the word natural supplements may be misleading and ED patients might choose the treatment methods in it because they feel that there is no side effect linked to it.

But this is pretty much unlike what happens in reality. Indeed there are side effects of natural ED supplements too that you have to be careful about.

Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA

This is a natural supplement that is a naturally occurring hormonal substance. when used its actions mimic the actions of the main steroidal hormone found in men that is testosterone.

It works by increasing the levels of testosterone that allow the erections to harden as well.

The dose for DHEA may vary wildly in some patients. On the lower side, even 20 to 50 milligrams may be administered within 6 months or if the conditions are very severe then the doctor may suggest you take up t 400 mg in just a matter of 2 months.

Acne can be a commonly occurring side effect. Do not use ED pills like Cenforce 200 along with using DHEA simultaneously.

Horny goat weed

This is a Chinese herb that can help you to prevent problems with ED. it can also prevent painful erections and loss of libido.

The mod of working mechanism for this natural substance is not known to date by scientists but they all agree to the fact that it works by changing the body’s hormonal levels. A study conducted in mice has shown that using this herb can work similarly to ED pills like Fildena or Vidalista 20 mg by enhancing the blood flow to the penis tissues.

On the warning side, there is a clear warning issued to all patients currently suffering from heart diseases. It may cause irregular heartbeat or even interact with other medicines which even the scientists do not have a full list of.

Ginkgo biloba

It is been said that this herb has been used over thousands of years for curing various problems such as dementia, anxiety, or poor blood flow to the brain.

Some say that using this herb lowers your psychological distress such as anxiety and loss of sleep to get harder erections. While a separate bunch of scientists believes that this drug works similar to pills like Vidalista dilating the blood flow to the penis.

Thus it goes without saying that those persons who are using any form of blood-thinning pills should avoid the use of this drug.


L-arginine is one of those compounds containing natural amino acids. when you take then your body can replenish the levels of nitric oxide within.

If you are a user of ED pills like Cenforce 200 or Fildena then you might know just how crucial the role of nitric oxide is.

Some doctors say that using this drug will help the dilation process easily and thus the flow of blood to the penis tissues happens more rapidly.

The problem is that there are many side effects linked to L-arginine and these include upset stomach, cramps, and diarrhea.

Red ginseng

This Korean herb having an alternative name that is Panax ginseng can help you with curing ED. the working procedure is not exactly known to scientists to date. Some say that the medicine works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide and increasing the vasodilation effects similar to ED drugs like Vidalista.

While other scientists believe that red ginseng causes hormonal changes in the brain to cause penile hardness. Insomnia is one of those side effects that you may suffer from as a result of regular intake.


This is a supplement that is made out of the bark of an African tree. Scientists believe that using this helps the body to release epinephrine and epinephrine that prevents the blood vessels from constriction allowing more blood to fill into the minute penis tissues. High blood pressure, anxiety, and increased heartbeat are the common symptoms.

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