5 Web Tools To Easily Generate Images

If you are not a graphic designer, it is certain that you have ever found yourself in this situation: you need to generate an image and you do not have the appropriate software on your computer, and if you are in a hurry, searching for it, downloading it and installing it will consume you. valuable minutes.

Faced with the need to edit or generate images in a hurry, many are the people who, in desperation, turn to MS Paint, but I beg you to be better than that: there are countless tools on the web to get you out of trouble without the need for fill the world with more ugliness. Which allows you to edit beautiful graphics very easily. Today we bring you some options to cover other needs.

1. To Edit Photos: PIXLR

For years Pixlr has been my first choice to edit a photo quickly and with good results. It has three options: Pixlr-O-Matic, which basically allows you to do the same as Instagram, but online (you can apply effects, borders and overlays, and it has a good number of options for you to spend some time on that); Pixlr Express , which in addition to having effects allows you to adjust options such as brightness, contrast, smoothing, etc., and add stickers and letters (it is basically the same as the Pixlr mobile app development), and Pixlr Editor , capable of covering almost any basic need editing you can think of (it is even capable of handling layers and masks).

2. To Create Flyers: PhotoADKing

PhotoADKing is a simple web application that allows you to generate attractive flyers, posters, logo design online, invitation cards, etc, with the information you want. It also offers a limited number of flyers templates, but they are more than enough. After having tried countless tools to create flyers, a great advantage of PhotoADKing is that it has a wide variety of templates, and one can easily customize them using their online flyer maker tool. Also, there are templates for social media such as Instagram Post Template, Instagram Post Creator, Instagram Post Maker, etc. which are easy-to-use and are effective for your posts.

3. To Create Animated GIFS: MAKE A GIF

Sometimes a GIF says more than a thousand words. There are many online tools for creating animated GIFs, but MakeAGif.com allows you to create one from multiple images or from a YouTube video. I personally find this last option more useful. Other tools generate GIFs only from images (like GIFmaker.me ) or only from video ( GIFsoup.com )

4. To Create Images With Quotes: QUOTESCOVER

Quotescover is a small web application where you can basically choose three things: a background image, a text style, and the text that you want to appear. When the image is ready, it allows you to share it to Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or by email directly from the application. It is clearly designed for Pinterest , as the name implies, but it is very easy to use and made with (relatively) good taste. Mind you, you have very, very few options.


StoryBoard That is a much more advanced tool that allows you to create a graphic story with pre-designed elements: it gives you a “grid” where you can place your characters, costume options, positions, and text balloons, and objects, shapes, and scenarios to do what your imagination allows. Originally created for teachers and students, StoryBoard offers several paid versions and a free version, with certain limitations such as only allowing you two comics per week, and the images are watermarked with their logo.

Bonus Tool

Mugshot Bot 


That stock photo you’re about to use won’t cut it for your blog images. Take advantage of The Mugshot Bot (it’s free to try and the paid version removes the Mugshot Bot branding). You can automate link preview images for every page on your blog. No fussing with design tools or wading through thousands of stock photos. Remake Founder, David Miranda, loves Mugshot Bot: “I used to spend 5 hours designing every social image for my blog posts. It was a huge time sink. Mugshot Bot gave me a professional and easy alternative that was 100x faster!”