Why does Scrooge talk to his nephew?

Why does Scrooge talk to his nephew?

Why does Scrooge’s nephew come to the office to visit? Scrooge nephew came to his office because he wan to tell him Merry Christmas and invite him to dinner. The portly man and he thin man go visit Scrooge because they want him to donate money to the poor.

What does Scrooge say to his nephew?

Scrooge will not suffer his nephew’s good cheer when he comes to visit his uncle’s office. When Fred, Scrooge’s jovial nephew, visits his uncle, he calls out swiftly as he enters, “A merry Christmas, uncle! God save you!” “Bah!” said Scrooge.

How does Scrooge interact with his nephew?

Scrooge’s interaction with his nephew demonstrates that he prefers to be alone and unbothered: “Let me leave it alone, then,” said Scrooge. However, Scrooge rejects him: “I want nothing from you; I ask nothing of you; why cannot we be friends?” “Good afternoon,” said Scrooge.

How does Scrooge react when his nephew wishes him a Merry Christmas?

Scrooge’s cheerful nephew, Fred, arrives to wish him a Merry Christmas and to invite his uncle to a Christmas dinner. Scrooge responds with a grumpy ‘Bah! ‘ followed by ‘Humbug! ‘

What was the conversation Scrooge had with his nephew?

Scrooge calls Christmas a humbug, and tells his nephew he has no reason to be merry when he is so poor. His nephew counters that he has no reason to be miserable when he is so rich.

What does Scrooge’s nephew come to tell his uncle?

Ebenezer Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, comes to see his uncle and wishes him a Merry Christmas. He is dismayed when Scrooge declares Christmas a “humbug” and suggests that it is nothing more than a time to pay more bills with less money than at other times of year.

What does Scrooge’s nephew Fred represent?

Within his festive, allegorical novella, Dickens crafts Scrooge’s only nephew Fred to function as a model for embracing Christmas. Most importantly, he demonstrates the virtues associated with this time of year, namely goodwill, benevolence, family and community.

What does Scrooge feel when he sees his nephew Fred?

As we’ve seen in the beginning of the story, Scrooge constantly rebuffs his nephew’s attempts to establish a warm relationship, partly because he sees Fred as frivolous, but also, very likely, because Fred’s likeness to his mother, Scrooge’s beloved sister Fan, brings up painful memories Scrooge does not want to confront.

What happens to Scrooge at the end of the story?

As the story progresses, Scrooge undergoes a change of heart toward Christmas in general, and toward his nephew. By story’s end, he makes the decision to join his nephew’s family for Christmas dinner, in dire contrast to his previous thoughts about the holidays.

What did the spirit tell Scrooge about the two children?

The two children that goes head under his robe was ignorance and want. The spirit told Scrooge to be wear them both and all of the degree especially the boy. What was the spears replied to Scrooges question “have they know refuge or resource?” The spirit mocks Scrooge from when he asked if there was no presents or workhouses

Who was Tiny Tim in the Christmas Carol?

Tiny Tim was Mr. Cratchit’s son who was sick and ill. Scrooge asked if tiny Tim would make it to the next Christmas.The ghost responded that the child would die. Where was the second place the second spirit and Scrooge visited? This I can place a visit it was when they went to the Cratchit’s house who is Scrooges assistant.