Why does Scrooge say remove me from this place?

Why does Scrooge say remove me from this place?

“Spirit!” said Scrooge in a broken voice, “remove me from this place!” The above quote then follows. We should interpret this quote as the physical representation of the experiences which transformed Scrooge from a normal young boy into a greedy misanthrope.

What is the word that Scrooge Cannot say after the ghost has gone?

The words ‘mildly’ and ‘gentle’ give us the overall sense that the ghost is well-meaning. The ghost does not speak much, but answers Scrooge’s questions with brief replies. “Your welfare!” said the Ghost.

Who does Scrooge wish he could speak to after he has seen Fezziwig’s party?

Regret 4: The memory of Fezziwig’s kindness and good spirit makes Scrooge wish that he could speak with Bob Cratchit.

What does Scrooge regret after being reminded with his Fezziwig experience?

As he is watching the party, Scrooge has a moment of regret for the way he treats his own employee, Bob Cratchit. By being shown Fezziwig and reminded of how much the man meant to him, Scrooge has to really take a look at himself and see that he is nothing like the man who helped him so much.

Why does Scrooge advocate the death of the poor?

Men like Malthus and Scrooge believed that war, famine and pestilence were necessary in order to keep the population down, especially the poor people. What he means by this is pretty nasty — he means that the poor people should just go off and die.

What did Scrooge’s wife say has replaced her?

In Stave II, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to a time when he was a young man engaged to Belle. When Scrooge asks Belle what idol has replaced her, she responds by saying, “A golden one” (Dickens, 40). Belle is essentially telling Scrooge that gold and currency has replaced his love for her.

What is the word that Scrooge Cannot say after the Ghost has gone?

Does Scrooge seem happy with all his wealth?

The Ghost of Christmas Present tells Scrooge that, in the eyes of Heaven, he is much more worthy of life than the miserly and discontented Scrooge. He is completely miserable in his life, even with all his wealth; nothing makes him happy.

Why does the Ghost show Scrooge people stealing from him?

Most worrying of all, the ghost shows Scrooge a number of people stealing from the very same individual and passing on his stolen goods to a fence. Of course the dead man in question is Scrooge, as he eventually comes to realize. Two of the people involved in the theft work as domestics for Scrooge. Their theft from him is rather symbolic.

Why was Scrooge left all alone at Christmas?

We are shown this piece of Scrooge’s history to show us how the young Scrooge was abandoned by his friends and father. It goes to show why Scrooge became the man he is. These memories are shown to Scrooge to try to help him remember what it was like for him. He was a young boy and was left all alone at Christmas.

Who is the ghost of Christmas yet to come?

The Ghost of Christmas Present also showed happy, if bittersweet, scenes, such as the Cratchits enjoying their meagre Christmas. However, all that the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge are grim visions of the future. Scrooge, after his death, is unmourned and hated. Some people are glad he is dead.

Who is hated after the death of Scrooge?

Scrooge, after his death, is unmourned and hated. Some people are glad he is dead. He is also taken into parts of the city he was unaware of, where: The ways were foul and narrow; the shops and houses wretched; the people half-naked, drunken, slipshod, ugly.