Why does Scrooge say is so great about Fezziwig?

Why does Scrooge say is so great about Fezziwig?

As he is reminded of Fezziwig, he is reminded of how hard a person he has become. It makes him stop and think, if only for a moment, of how he has become the complete opposite of Fezziwig, the man that Scrooge admired so much.

Why does Scrooge give the knocker so much attention?

Marley had died seven years ago and had much the same qualities as Scrooge. He had been uncaring, selfish, and greedy, just like Scrooge. When Scrooge wanted to turn the key in the front door lock, his attention was drawn to the large knocker on the door.

Why did Scrooge go with the ghost?

Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by four spirits in A Christmas Carol who aim to change his ways and save him from a lonely, haunted end. Jacob Marley is the first spirit to visit Scrooge and warn him of his impending visits from the spirits of Past, Present and Yet-to-Come.

Why does the Scrooge like the darkness?

Up Scrooge went, not caring a button for that: darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it. In other words, Scrooge likes the darkness because it means he does not have to buy candles. This reflects Scrooge’s miserliness, one of his most potent character traits.

What happened to Scrooge’s door knocker?

What happened to the door knocker when Scrooge was opening his door? It turned into Scrooge’s dead partner Marley. Marley appeared to him and told him about his future and he also told him about the three ghosts and when they were supposed to come.

What does darkness symbolize in Christmas carol?

The darkness is symbolic of Scrooge’s ways. The weather is dark and a pea-soup fog. Also there is no light in the streets. Until Scrooge realises that he has to be jolly and not hate Christmas and then it all gets lighter.

What does Fezziwig do?

In Stave 2 of A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to revisit his youthful days in Fezziwig’s world located at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution….

Mr. Fezziwig
Occupation Money lender
Family The Fezziwigs
Nationality English

What does Scrooge like about the darkness?

What does Bob want to do that makes Mrs Cratchit angry?

What does Bob want to do that makes Mrs. Cratchit angry? Bob wants to make a toast. Why does the Ghost of Christmas Present bring Scrooge out to a “bleak and desert moor”?

What appears in the door knocker to Scrooge from A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge notes that the horrible specter of Marley’s face rested on its otherworldly nature, not on its expression. Marley’s face unsettles Scrooge for a moment, but the knocker soon appears. Before he shuts the door behind him, Scrooge looks cautiously beyond the doorway.

What does Scrooge do when the maid opens the door?

When the maid opens the door, Scrooge says he knows the way to the dining room, even though he’s never been to Fred’s house before (he remembers his visit with the ghost.) The dining room door opens, and Scrooge peeks in. He takes off his stovetop hat but remains crouched in the corner, afraid.

Where does Ebenezer Scrooge live in A Christmas Carol?

In Stave I of Charles Dickens ’ A Christmas Carol, titled “Marley’s Ghost,” Ebenezer Scrooge is returning to his home, a nondescript old building formerly occupied by his now-deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, that barely registered in its bland neighborhood and inside of which was a “gloomy suite of rooms,” as described by Dickens’ narrator.

Why does Scrooge keep his office cold at Christmas time?

His appearance matches his character, with cold-looking, pointy features. He keeps his office cold, not even heating it at Christmas time. Consequently, everybody who comes into contact with Scrooge avoids him. Even the beggars in the street are silent when he passes. But this is exactly the way Scrooge likes it, says the narrator.