What is the number 1 watched video on YouTube?

What is the number 1 watched video on YouTube?

Baby Shark Dance
Top videos

No. Video name Views (billions)
1. “Baby Shark Dance” 9.00
2. “Despacito” 7.45
3. “Johny Johny Yes Papa” 5.56
4. “Shape of You” 5.39

What is the most popular watched video on YouTube?

Most popular YouTube videos based on total global views as of February 2021 (in billions)

Characteristic Number of views in billions
“Baby Shark Dance” – Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories 7.91
“Despacito”- Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee 7.2
“Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran 5.18

Which is the most viewed YouTube video of all time?

In August of the same year, the video became the most-viewed YouTube video of all time and as of August 2019, the video still holds the top spot with over 6.39 billion lifetime views on the video platform.

How many YouTube videos have surpassed 3 billion views?

, sixteen videos have exceeded three billion views, seven of which exceed four billion views, three of which exceed five billion views, two of which exceed six and seven billion views. ” See You Again ” became the second video to reach three billion views in August 2017, followed by “Gangnam Style” in November 2017.

Who was the first female artist to have 1 billion views on YouTube?

Katy Perry’s music video, Dark Horse, was the first video by a female artist to have received 1 billion views on YouTube. She recorded the video with rapper Juicy J and it is a mixture of trap and hip-hop. In fact, she is also the first artist to have two music videos that have exceeded more than 1 billion views.

What was the number one song on YouTube in 2015?

Bruno Mars – 3.53 Billion YouTube Views Uptown Funk was the number one song of 2015 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to Joe Bennett, a music professor at Bath Spa University, the song’s popularity is due to two key elements: a lack of a chorus and a slower tempo. These two elements make the song stand out.