On The Way to Writing a Narrative Essay

Each of us faced or will face the necessity of writing an essay either for school or for university entrance purposes. We are going to speak about essays and how to write them successfully. There is no reason for panic. First, let’s consider what is an essay?

It’s a short piece of writing on a certain subject: opinion expressed by an author. There are a lot of various types: narrative, descriptive, persuasive and expository. As their names indicate they are narration, description, persuasion and exposing. Writing an essay is a very important assignment for various school and university examinations. And it’s better to know how to write all the types because you never know which of them you’ll be asked to write.

We will try to help you on the way to writing an essay. In this article, we will discuss the features of narrative essays online and go over the major steps. Writing a narrative essay, an author tells us some story or real-life experience. This is a simple composition but the author’s task is to attract reader’s attention, and sometimes it’s not so easy.

As every other types narrative essay has some basic peculiarities, which distinguish this type from the others.

Specific Features

So the main features are:

  • Catchy heading. This is necessary for getting a reader. If your story doesn’t do this- it’s a failure from the beginning;
  • Simple but entertaining account of events. If readers have no interest because of dullness and moody of storytelling – it will not work;
  • First-person narrative. Personal feelings and experience is the key to speak directly to the reader;
  • A reader as an accessory to the narration. This makes him a participant and will certainly not leave him indifferent.

You are to think of the framework of your storytelling because it is essential for understanding. Structure of a narrative essay is ordinary for an essay:

  • Introduction. In this part of the essay, storyteller describes the background.
  • Main body. The essay itself. 1 or 3 paragraphs about the main event.
  • Conclusion. Author’s opinion and his findings.

Major Steps You Should Follow

Step № 1. Think about the story you want to tell. It must be interesting for other people. Define the main and secondary events to structure them in your head before writing. Think over the way you will entertain your reader during storytelling.

Step № 2. Make a plan. Plan of your future essay is to be as mentioned above. You may include additional points to your narration. Your plan before writing should be the following:

  1. Introduction. The beginning of your successful essay.
  2. Setting. Describe where the action takes place. Think of or remember the interesting details of this place to attract the reader. A right description of the place plays an important role in the essay.
  3. Plot. The main idea of your essay. Why do you want to tell this story to others? What do you want to tell?
  4. Characters. What characters are the parts of the story? Why do they important? Think over their features and character
  5. Climax. A tense moment in your story.
  6. Conclusion. Resolving the situation. What conclusions have you made? How have you changed?

Step № 3. Make a thesis. Make sure that all story elements tie back to the thesis.

Step № 4. Think about your language. Your task is getting the reader and choosing the right words will help you with this. Remember that words can either attract or push away.

Step № 5. Write a rough draft. Write down your composition following the steps right below. It will help you to consider all the details and understand what is missing.

Step № 6. Take a long break. It’s necessary to get your mind off of writing an essay. Do a sport or go for a walk. Think about other things and forget about your task for a while.

Step № 7. Read your essay again. This will help you to structure it in the best way and to include or exclude some events or moments.

Step № 8. Write a fair copy.

It looks complicated. But you should learn the structure of an essay and steps for its writing once and for all to take your exams successfully.

You may order a narrative essay online if you don’t have time or possibility to write it or don’t believe that you can write a successful one.

Overall Conclusion

To conclude we will say that it’s not so complicated if you will figure this article out. Time is the only barrier to writing a successful essay. You should pay attention to the key moments in writing and follow the main steps and you will write a great one. Have a good luck with school or university assignments!