How is Scrooge different from his old boss Mr Fezziwig?

How is Scrooge different from his old boss Mr Fezziwig?

Character. Scrooge, who is a very mean person and does not care about anything but himself and money, diverged greatly from those of someone he once admired. Fezziwig is also a capitalist, but he moderates profit maximization with kindness, generosity, and affection for his employees.

How did Scrooge feel about his old boss Fezziwig?

Scrooge is so hard on Bob and treats him very unfair. As he is reminded of Fezziwig, he is reminded of how hard a person he has become. It makes him stop and think, if only for a moment, of how he has become the complete opposite of Fezziwig, the man that Scrooge admired so much.

What did Scrooge say about Fezziwig?

When the Spirit of Christmas Past questions Scrooge’s love for Fezziwig, Scrooge defends him, saying, ”He has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or a toil. The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune.

What does Scrooge say that Fezziwig did not have the power over them?

When the Ghost of Christmas Past tells Scrooge that Fezziwig does not deserve praise, Scrooge refutes this idea. He tells the ghost that Fezziwig was their employer and boss, and therefore had the ability to make their lives miserable or happy.

Who does Scrooge see with an older version of himself?

The ghost escorts Scrooge to more Christmases of the past including a merry party thrown by Fezziwig, the merchant with whom Scrooge apprenticed as a young man. Scrooge later sees a slightly older yet still boyish version of himself in conversation with a lovely young woman named Belle.

What does Fezziwig symbolize?

Through manner and deeds, Old Fezziwig symbolizes all that is charitable and good within humankind, and he serves as not only a mentor in Scrooge’s past, but a guide for Scrooge’s future. Fezziwig was the kind, compassionate employer who Scrooge apprenticed under as a young man.

Why did Scrooge’s fiance leave him?

In A Christmas Carol, Belle is Scrooge’s ex-fiancée who broke up with him because he had changed too much in his pursuit of wealth. They were both poor when they met, and Belle loved the man he was before he became greedy.

What did Belle say has replaced her in Scrooge’s heart?

Belle states that a “golden idol” has replaced her in Scrooge’s heart.

Why did Scrooge’s girlfriend leave him?

Does Fezziwig represent goodwill?