How do you use movie Maker on YouTube?

How do you use movie Maker on YouTube?

Want To Start Using InVideo YouTube Movie Maker? Let’s Begin…

  1. Log in to InVideo YouTube movie maker.
  2. Go to ‘Quick Video’ selection and select ‘YouTube movie maker’ templates.
  3. Now, just replace the sample text with your content.
  4. Keep editing it till you’re satisfied.
  5. Once done, click on export, and just download it!

How can I transfer a Windows Movie Maker video to YouTube?

When transferring videos to YouTube, however, it can get a little unintuitive. It doesn’t have to be hard, and following just a few easy steps can help you learn how to add a Windows Movie Maker video to YouTube. Open your movie file in Windows Movie Maker. Click the “Publish Movie” button or “Save Movie” button (in Windows XP).

Where do I put my videos in Movie Maker?

Home – This is the main tab for Movie Maker. You can use this tab to add videos, images, and audio to your project. You can also select premade themes for the movie, rotate the image, and upload the project to websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

How do I combine multiple videos in Windows Movie Maker?

After launching the Photos app on Windows10, add your organized clips to Photos and then click Create and select Custom video with music option. Select videos that need to be combined and the Photos app will open the video editor. Then add clips to the storyboard and place video clips in order like what we’ve done in Windows Movie Maker.

Can you add subtitle to video in Windows Movie Maker?

To polish your video footage, you can also add title or subtitle to videos in Windows Movie Maker or add background music to video. Hope you can now join videos into one whether play it one after another or play them at the same frame. For more Windows Movie Maker editing tips, check How to Edit Videos in Windows Live Movie Maker.