How did Lionblaze and Heathertail first meet?

How did Lionblaze and Heathertail first meet?

Lionblaze first met Heathertail at the Gathering in The Sight. They are both apprentices, and Heatherpaw is one of the cats that rescues Jaypaw when he is drowning in the lake. Her mentor was Crowfeather, and the other cats present are Crowfeather’s son Breezepaw and his mentor, Whitetail.

How did Cinderheart and Lionblaze get back together?

Lionblaze encourages her to choose her own destiny, and Cinderpelt’s spirit separates from Cinderheart and Cinderheart and Lionblaze get back together. They have many kits, and enjoy life as mates. When Lionblaze is outed as a codebreaker, Cinderheart is distraught and tries to defend him.

What did Lionblaze do in the last hope?

During The Last Hope, Lionblaze purposely attacked and lost to a ShadowClan patrol to prove to her that destinies didn’t matter. Shortly after, Cinderheart chose the life of a warrior and Lionblaze, letting Cinderpelt’s spirit free. They were mates again after this.

What’s the relationship between Leafpool and Lionblaze?

They both still seem to have feelings for each other. Leafpool has told Lionblaze that she thinks she still loves him. Cinderheart had even expressed interest in having kits. When Cinderheart learned of her past life as Cinderpelt, she decided to embrace that and be more of a medicine cat.

Who is Heathertail going to take as her mate?

Everybody thinks that she will eventually take Breezepelt as her mate. The thought of it sickened her. Heathertail barely noticed when Breezepelt brushed his pelt against hers and entwined their tails. For all she cared, Breezepelt could do anything he liked.

Is it true that Heathertail still loves Crowfeather?

Heathertail faced away from Crowfeather. She knew he still loved the ThunderClan medicine cat, even after Hollyleaf’s announcement at the last gathering. Thinking about Leafpool reminded her of Lionblaze. She shook her head. No. She told herself. He’s from ThunderClan, he gave up everything we had when we were apprentices.

Why did Heathertail hate ThunderClan in Lionblaze?

Heathertail knew that Breezepelt had despised ThunderClan ever since he had found out that he had half brothers in their group. He had been happy when he found out that Hollyleaf had been killed. Heathertail despised him all the more for that. Hollyleaf had been her friend when they were apprentices; she had introduced her to Lionblaze.